Feature: Online worship planning

MindMyMinistry Dashboard SnippetMindMyMinistry lets you plan your services online.  Relevant information from the roster you create is automatically sent (in the form of reminders) to everyone on your team.

When they login, each of your team members gets a dashboard (snippet on the right) where they can easily see all services, or only the ones they are rostered on for.

You can easily create new services with only a few steps.

Create Event

From the event detail screen you can add everything needed to smoothly run your service.  These details include:

  • Event Notes – can be viewed by everyone, useful for crucial details that should not be missed by the team.
  • Attachments – attach any files you like, for example Powerpoint slides, run sheets, pamphlets, handouts – anything!
  • Songs – using our powerful search feature, easily select songs from your library.  You can even select the key for each song so that everyone can practice in the right key!
  • Rehearsals – if you specify rehearsal dates, MindMyMinistry will automatically send out reminders to everyone.  Never miss a rehearsal/band practice again!
  • People – assign everyone to roles in the service while instantly being alerted to any scheduling/rostering conflicts.  We automatically track leave too, so you know who is away.

Edit Event

Additionally we have an audit log for every event, so if something changes unexpectedly you can easily find who was responsible and follow it up.

Why not try MindMyMinistry today?  Sign up for your 30 day no-obligation free trial.  If there is something that you would like that is not in the system, talk to us!

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