About Us

A little history

david-and-corliUp until late 2015 David and his wife, Corli, attended the Afrikaans Christian Church in Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.  They were both involved in the worship team, in various capacities, over the previous number of years.  During this time the church was doing all their planning using Excel and emails (lots of them!).

Around the end of 2013 the worship team identified the need to streamline the rostering operations, as the hundreds of emails a month were quickly becoming a nightmare.  This set in motion the birth of MindMyMinistry.

A software engineer by trade, drawing from his 10+ years experience in the field, David started designing and building the MindMyMinistry system in early 2014.  It went live only a few months later, with the Afrikaans Christian Church as the first beta site.

Design philosophy

MindMyMinistry is designed with a simple principle in mind:- All features must be completely obvious and self explanatory.  This means that a user should be able to get to grips with the system simply by looking at the pages within – there should be no need to read manuals just to learn how to drive it.  Usability trumps features.

This principle is reflected throughout our system.  We would rather omit a feature than to implement it and compromise on the simplicity of system.  Churches don’t have the resources to have long training seminars to teach their volunteers how to use a new system – and we understand this.  The system is designed to hide the complexity from our users.

Christian values

MindMyMinistry is a Christian business, and we make decisions based on Christian values.  We believe that Jesus is the one true King, and that He died on the cross for our sins, so that we may one day live the eternal life.