MindMyMinistry feature update!

MindMyMinistry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few months, gaining a number of customers and heaps of new features.

Here are a few of the most requested features we have implemented in the last little while:

  • Like / Dislike Songs
    Even better than the popular social media system, we allow you to “Like” as well as “Dislike” any song on MindMyMinistry.  Combined with some reporting you can now easily gauge opinion on how popular a song is within your team.
  • Song Play Tracking
    Automatically keeps statistics on how many times each of your songs are used in services.  This, combined with the “Like” functionality above, gives you a clear view on which songs make the grade, and which songs may need a little rest…  There is also a CCLI No. field on songs, so you can easily gather the info you need to submit your CCLI reports.
  • Team Noticeboard
    Anyone in your team can now leave messages for others to view.  Help your team communicate better!
  • Faster Rostering with the People Grid
    Rostering a person on for a given service is now as quick as a single click or tap.  Have a look at the new people grid under Events!
  • Quick-add Guests
    You can now add guests (eg guest speakers or band members) to your services by simply entering the name.  No need to add them into your people list.

We’ve also improved the sign-up process – so now it’s only a single form with a few simple questions – it hardly takes 30 seconds to get your hands on a free 1-month.  Try out our user friendly worship planning system today!


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