The holidays are upon us… and no-one to lead worship!

In a small church like ours we often have the situation over the Christmas holidays where everyone is away on vacation and there are very few individuals available to serve in our worship team.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Try and get everyone to put their leave into your worship planning system (which should be MindMyMinistry!) so you have  an idea of who is available, and when.
  2. As a music director or worship leader, think about the essential elements in your worship band – do you really need a keyboard player, guitarist, drummer or bassist to make things sound good?  Could you cut down and have a purely acoustic set?
  3. Adjust the songs on your setlist – many songs can be done with only a few instruments and still sound great, but others can be a disaster.
  4. Talk to your community!  Often there are other churches nearby who have “spare” musicians who don’t mind to play in neighbouring churches.  Talk to your band members, they may “know a guy who knows a guy”.


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