Keeping a uniform sound – how to keep multiple bands in sync

Often the case in churches, there are 2 or more bands in the worship team which rotate from service to service.

Churches all have different worship styles which normally stem from the roots of your church.  Some are conservative and some are more charismatic. For example, our church doesn’t have a specific denomination, so we sing a variety of songs – some traditional and some more modern. In our church, we have 2 bands in our worship team and even though we sing the same songs, each band has their own style. Each band also interprets different songs in different ways.

But how do you keep a uniform sounds so that the congregation doesn’t feel as if they are in a different church every week?

MindMyMinistry has a pretty good solution. It shows past and future events which all team members can access. The worship leader of any band in the team can have a look at the songs done by the other band(s) and also the songs that will be done in future events and use that information when drawing up a new set list for the band. In your song list, there are columns indicating how often songs have been played. This helps a lot to keep track of songs that might have been slightly over-played and others that might have been forgotten and need some dusting off.

Another tip that helps to get  a uniform sound is to have combined band practices every once in a while, so that the band members can work on new songs together as a worship team. This helps the team to stay connected and to grow as a unit in Christ to lead your church in praise and worship.

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